Red River BMW Riders Club Meeting Minutes for January 11, 2020

OUR NEXT MEETING WILL BE HELD AT 10 AM on February 1, 2020

Call to order: 10:01 am by Beau

Attendance: 15 members present

Reading and approval of minutes: Without objection, the minute of the previous meeting are considered read and approved

Treasurer report: Balance as of Jan 2, 2020 is $3,164.90
Club dues of $25 should be paid this month
We discussed having Zelle or Venmo available for electronic payments

Old business:

Christmas party, 2020 – Plan to reserve a room at a restaurant instead of having a potluck
Request to reserve a room next to a hotel, so that people can walk instead of drive
Suggestions included: Pizza Rev, Nicky’s near racetrack, Silver Star out on 80
Michelle will follow up

Ride reports:

Jan 1 Longwood General Store
13 bikes at breakfast – about 8 rode afterward to Stagecoach Road and back
– good road conditions, no dust, minimal mud
One bike got dropped, rider a little banged up

Jan 3-5 International Motorcycle Show, Dallas, TX
Eduardo rode the Zero DR, which has a 30 minute range
Stunt rider on Sportster and Street Glide was rather cool

Upcoming trips:

Jan 24-26 Levee Ride planned
Long range forecast looks like a go
Estimate 11-16 from the group (Mehdi, Ed, Lee, James West, Michelle, Mike,

Apr 23-26 Hill Country excursion
Planning to stay at the Hunter House Inn

June 5-7 National Sidecar Rally Iron Mt., AR
CMA Campground

June 25-28 BMW MOA Rally Great Falls, MT
1,750 miles from Shreveport…

Short Weekend rides:
River Road in Oklahoma

Day rides:
Jefferson for lunch
Marsalis for lunch, other side of Athens
Cushing, TX for lunch downtown (90 miles down)
River run about 150 miles Saturday ride
Breakfast in Texarkana
Big Zack’s in Logansport

New items:

Woolfolk bought a new motorcycle: Kawasaki Versa; Lee and James West taught him how to ride off road over the phone

Discussion topic:

Meeting adjourned: 10:46am

T-shirt order:
1 Small
5 Medium
10 Large (15?)
15 Extra Large (20?)
1 3XL